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Q: Tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do.

A: I am a mompreneur. I run VENICS, a green beauty lifestyle company. We offer products made with organic and natural ingredients and sustainable beauty accessories. Our products are cleaner, cause less waste, and make more of an impact. More and more consumers are starting to realize that what they eat and use has a huge impact on their health. We want to build a community for women to share their experiences and help one another live a greener lifestyle - without having to compromise their beauty standards.

Before I started VENICS, I had always struggled with the fact that the ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ beauty products on the market weren’t necessarily non-harmful - and also weren’t effective. I wanted to close this gap through cutting-edge technology and innovation. We’re reimagining beauty from every aspect. From ingredient origins to formulation, we develop products in a way that avoids artificial chemicals and packaging. We have found the best way to eliminate waste, and are always looking for new ways to reduce waste in women’s daily makeup routines.

Q: What inspired you to change to clean beauty? What’s the story behind it?

A: I started to re-think my beauty routine and diet habits in 2016 when I was pregnant with my daughter. My initial thought was simply to make sure I kept toxins away from my body and daughter. I changed my entire beauty routine by switching to only clean beauty products. It was during this process that I noticed something missing on the market. Products made with organic and natural ingredients often don’t perform as well.

I initially learned about formulating beauty products to serve my own needs. I created products like baby powder, baby cream, baby shampoo, and sunscreen. Later on, I was really drawn towards the pleasure of creating something that’s non-toxic and effective.

I branched out to make my own beauty products. However, this is trickier to accomplish with natural ingredients. We typically want products to last a long time on our skin, without having to touch up throughout the day. The challenge in an organic and natural range is the ingredients you play with - like botanical oils, waxes, and butter. Sounds difficult to stick to the skin, right? I had to think creatively about how to bring these natural ingredients together in a way that lasts just as long as traditional makeup. It was really fun to try out different blends of natural oils with other natural ingredients to tone down the oiliness and prolong the wear. I also enjoyed getting to know every single ingredient and its properties to find the best alternative in a natural range and substitute ingredients like silicon and preservatives.

My promise to our community is this: Our ingredient selection is carefully monitored. I personally select every single ingredient that goes into our products. It’s like a mom watching out for what goes on her baby’s plate. That’s our standard for making our products!

We’ve published an Ingredient NO List for transparency to our community.


Q: Since you changed to clean beauty, what have you noticed?

A: After I switched to clean beauty, the first thing I noticed was that my skin got better. I used to have acne-prone skin, which I struggled with for many years. I tried many ways to get rid of the acne. Little did I know back then that the easiest way was to go back to basics.

Skin problems are typically the result of an internal problem, be it a diet habit, hormone changes, or something else. I have to admit - I hadn’t been eating healthily in my early 20’s. I loved fried food and desserts. That type of diet habit contributed to my acne.

I tried many traditional acne products that would literally burn my skin and acne. It went away for a few days, but my skin was damaged with less immunity. Before long, the acne came back again. Then, I would try a different acne treatment that would do a similar thing. It never really solved the problem. Also, my daily cosmetics products, which contained silicone, would further clog my pores and make the situation worse. So, what did I do? I covered up with full-coverage concealers so it didn’t look so bad, but this only made things worse because my skin never got the chance to breathe or heal.

I only figured this all out once I had completely stopped using traditional makeup formulated with synthetic chemicals. I saw the amazing changes in my skin in a way I’d never seen before. The results are better than anything I got when using the $400 serum I used to purchase.

Q: Share more with us about your lifestyle, eating habits, wellness, exercise, etc.

A: I have experienced a dramatic lifestyle change in recent years. Right around the time I started VENICS, I’d already changed my beauty routine. However, I still wasn’t paying too much attention to my diet. That was, until, a lot of things started happening to people around me in terms of health issues. I then started to deeply dive into the causes of diseases like heart disease, cancer, and more. I started to realize that diet plays a super-important role in this. I started to switch to a plant-based diet, 100%.

With regards to exercise, I love practicing yoga. This is something I have been doing for more than a decade. I love the healing perspective a yoga practice offers. It’s the best way for me to enjoy deep relaxation and physical exercise. My favorite thing to do is mix my own blend of yoga spray with essential oils that offer to relax and healing properties. It’s the best way to take care of myself.


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