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Featured Author: Mellie 
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After falling sick at age 13 I have had to have very frequent tests and studies that have exposed my body to a lot of radiation, along with this I have super sensitive skin and in conventional beauty have had terrible reactions/rashes caused by the very harsh toxic ingredients. 
At the age of 17 I decided to make a major shift in my beauty routine, I started researching ingredients and really wanted to know what I was putting on my skin because as we all know how our skin does absorb the products that we put into it. 
After discovering that my beloved conventional beauty routine could be worsening my already serious health condition I decided to make the switch to clean beauty, I am fed via a feeding tube and so this for me was huge because I can’t choose what I eat but what I can do is make a conscious decision when it comes to my beauty routine. 
Since switching to clean beauty I truly feel there has been so much of a benefit for me both physically and mentally; my skin honestly has probably never looked this good, I used to suffer from dryness/dry patches and my skin would react to just about everything it seems crazy but I really do believe the pure ingredients have made the biggest change when it comes to my skin health. 
I also have learned to be more conscious about things like animal cruelty, recycling and how important it is that we care about our environment I’m not perfect but I do try my best to make a difference where I can. 

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  • Melanie White on

    This is written with so much meaning and heart. I have learned a lot about skin from you I’m glad you are passing it on to others ..

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