Green Ingredient Spotlight - Cupuacu Butter

Green Ingredient Spotlight

What is cupuacu butter?

Cupuacu butter is one of the super fruits from the Amazonian rainforest, belongs to the same family as cocoa. Cupuacu is used to make food such as ice cream and snack bars.

It has amazing water absorbing ability – it is able to attract 240% of its own weight of water. This means it surpasses shea butter and lanolin in terms of moisturizing capability. 

Cupuaçu is rich in several B vitamins and antioxidants including Vitamin A and C. It also delivers healing and restructuring benefits by improving skin’s moisture barrier and offers intense hydrations. Studies have shown it improves skin elasticity and anti-inflammatory activity over time.

My Story with Cupuacu Butter

I first discovered cupuacu butter was trying to find an alternative to lanolin. I always try to look for products that are vegan and cruelty-free. That has been the philosophy for products formulations in the very beginning.

Cupuacu butter was a surprising finding for me. It has the most lightweight and incredibly silky texture once it blends into the skin. I touch and test every single ingredient myself to understand them, try to use them in raw form, and later I decide which ones are good for which formula.

Cupuacu butter to my surprise is not quite like the widely known shea butter. Shea butter is great in its moisturizing property but it’s also very greasy and sticky. I can’t stand to use it in my moisturizer because it seems always being there and not very easy to absorb.

Cupuacu butter, on the other hand, is super moisturizing yet also light-weight. It was a surprise to me how silky, smooth, blendable, easy to absorb it is. I fell in love with this ingredient. It also has a yummy white chocolatey scent which is a plus to the formula.

Why We use it in our formula

Ever since I discovered this amazing ingredient, I decided to incorporate it into our makeup formulations. It is a perfect natural alternative to animal-based ingredients or other natural ingredients that don’t have an ideal texture.

If you open our little pot of magic – the Diamond Glow Highlighter and Cupuacu Butter Bronzer, you will notice a slight hint of white chocolatey scent, this is it!

Highlighter sometimes is a tricky product because it can accentuate the texture underneath it. With cupuacu and other rich anti-oxidants ingredients, our highlighters are actually improving your skin texture over time.

We decided to incorporate it into our bronzer too because of its silky-smooth texture. It makes the pigment spreads better and blends better. I personally struggle with acne scars on both sides of my faces. Cupuacu butter’s anti-inflammatory property helps the skin to fight the skin issue and help to smooth out the scars.

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