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I grew up in China. People would ask which city, I always say in the middle part of China (because the city name is most people haven’t heard of). I was born to love creatives. I practiced the piano when I was little. I liked art class. I did well in literature. I thought I wanted to grow up as a musician, artist, writer or all of those. I wanted to go to college in a big city so badly. And, I did. I went to Shanghai. I spent my spare time in college modeling for fashion and photoshoots. Looking back now, I really enjoyed the experience and learning from it. On the other hand, I wanted to advance my education and get an MBA in the US. I can spend another whole chapter to talk about MBA.

In short, I spent two years in Duke and met the brightest people. I got an offer from a technology company afterward.

Somehow, at some point, all these dots are connected.

I founded VENICS in 2018. The first year to me was running a hobby. The second year is actually running a company. My passion for clean beauty drove me to create this brand. My passion drove me to learn everything about the beauty industry from scratch.

Running a startup company would mean, yesterday you were the COO and Chief formulator, today you are the CMO, and another day you are warehouse manager. The next day you are a designer, copywriter, and photographer. Not only should I be thankful to my MBA education and the painful accounting classes I took, but also should I be thankful for my-senior-college-year-self learned how to use photoshop.

The dots will be connected at some point, if you follow your passion, follow your heart.



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