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Hey Beautiful!

After a long process of defining, scoping and strategizing, we are finally opening our first official blog! 

Why the world needs One More Blog?

We tell stories from a different perspective. We share insights from a brand insider perspective with full transparency. We love to tell you our stories on ingredients, formulations, packagings, our charity partner stories, and most importantly, your story. 

Wait, what? My story?

Exactly. We would love to invite you on to the stage to share your stories. Whether it is your passion for green beauty, your philosophy about life, your stories of raising kids, we love to hear all about it!

Okay, sounds fun, but what's the goal?

Our mission is to bring people together and empower them with each other's stories. We want to equip consumers with data and information to make wise purchase decisions. We know how awesome each one of you are and there are people will be inspired by your story. 

How to participate?

Share your story with us! Okay I know it is scary. I'll be the first. Read my stories in our blog.

Ready now? Simply email me venus@venicsorganic.com I'll read every single story and respond.

What am I getting in return?

Inspiring hundreds thousands of people. Be on our VIP PR list for exciting launches!




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