Dry Skin Lifesaver - Glycerin

  Glycerin has many uses for skin care, and you will also be surprised to know that this natural moisturizer is used to treat minor skin problems such as dryness, eczema and itchy skin. It is very beneficial for both sensitive skin and dry skin since it is one of the best natural moisturizers. It is an anti-aging ingredient since being able to maintain proper hydration of the skin and a perfect balance in its properties, causes the skin to remain younger and healthier. It is used in treatments against eczema as well as in other types of allergies that...

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The Amazing Natural Anti-aging Agent and Moisturizer - Squalane

We love this amazing moisturzing and anti-aging agent. You can find squalane in your body, however, of course we only use plant derived version (like from olive). It is a saturated oil, meaning, the structure of itself is very stable, and not subject to oxidization.  Why we love it is because its a super light weight oil, without greasiness. Any product with Squalane is just so beautiful and easy to be absorbed into the skin.  Benefit of Squalane: Excellent moisturizer and leaves the skin hydrated, plump and soft. It is clinically proven to be non-irritating, which makes it ideal for people...

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