Contour Sponge with Travel Case™

"VENICS BEAUTY sponge is a multi-tasker for blending, baking and contouring."

"I'm not actually into contour sponges. I've tried them from other brands and they're always SO hard so I just stick with my regular sponges. Then I got this and fell in love!! The shape is super unique and it's SUPER soft and squishy so you can literally use it anywhere. I've just been using this sponge all over, even under my eyes. I don't think I'll need another sponge. Also, it's worth it for the case alone!! It's super cute and durable. I would HIGHLY recommend this sponge!!"


"Let’s be honest with one another, the idea of putting a beauty sponge in a case raised soooo many questions. Then I received mine & the dream was realized. First of all, the design of the blender is ideal for the human face. I say this because most blenders that I own I’ve had to cut, bend & tear to make work for my face & my powders. This blender had amazing curve and flat edges that just fit!!! I apply my powder with spray at times and I have a jar, as well as a compact & it doesn’t seem to matter my blender can adapt."


"At first I was apprehensive about trying a new sponge but when I saw the shape of the sponge I was so excited.  It has a carrying container. I know that sounds silly, but leaving a makeup sponge out in the open or pressed against other makeup products will get bacteria on the sponge and you can break out. So having a container helps prevent that. This sponge is extremely soft. When a sponge is soft, it makes the product really blend into your skin for that “like skin but better” effect. This sponge has so many angels that are life changing."


"I’m a Makeup enthusiast. I love trying new products and I’m so glad I gave this Contour Sponge a try . I quickly said good bye to my old Beauty Blender . I love the that it comes in a travel case because who wants a dusty or dirty sponge touching your face. I love the shape it comes in because it allows you to blend , Contour and Bake. I would definitely recommend this product!"



At Venics, we make products that are better, cleaner, produce less waste, and make more of an impact. Our products are free from harmful chemicals, relying solely on organic, all-natural, sustainable, and responsible ingredients and materials. In line with our belief that beauty is more than skin-deep, we donate to children in need to amplify our impact. Here are the three overarching factors that make Venics so unique.

For just a dollar a daily, you can feed one child a day in a developing country. That’s why we make a donation per product sold to potentially prevent death through the power of nutrition. Our goal is to help 1M kids by 2020. By investing in our products, you could make an impact on the world.

Venus Wang

Founder and CEO

Contour Sponge with Travel Case

  • Double flat edges perfect for blending, contouring and baking

  • Gorgeous Rose Gold Travel Case that protects the sponge 

  • Latex Free Material, Zero Waste Packaging

30-Day Money-Back Guaranteed


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